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작성자 최고관리자 댓글 0건 조회 492회 작성일 18-11-06 00:19


What was your reason for wanting to do a cleanse?
My New Years resolutions included healthy eating, alcohol/diet drink free till the end of February and fitness sessions 5 times a week with a cleanse every few weeks.
Out of ALL the cleanses available, what made you decide to do the MNB cleanse?
A friend recommended I download the MNB cleanse. I was apprehensive at first but as soon as Iooked though what was involved plus the amazing images and the layout, with the added ease of a shopping list, I was sold.
Had you done a cleanse before?
I had never done a cleanse before as every cleanse that I’ve looked at in the past involved only drinking juices, which doesn’t appeal to me. I’m a chewing, crunching and munching kind of girl :)


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